Tummy Tuck

Diet and exercise alone will not always address the problems that lead to an unattractive midsection. That is because loose skin, stretch marks and separated stomach muscles must be tightened in order to smooth and flatten the abdomen. Tummy tuck surgery effectively addresses all of these problems, in addition to unwanted belly fat, to create a firmer, more toned abdominal appearance. It is an ideal procedure for men and women alike; it is often requested by women following childbirth and men seeking to reduce a protruding abdomen.


As a supplement to a healthy diet and daily exercise, liposuction is an excellent way to address localized fat on specific areas of the body. It is not a “weight loss” procedure, but a means of body contouring, wherein certain features of the body are sculpted to look more attractive. When excess fat is removed from those areas, a patient’s figure can appear much slimmer. Liposuction is a procedure sought after by men and women alike, and it can be performed on many different body areas, including the abdomen, waist, hips, thighs, buttocks, upper arms, upper back and more.

Post-Weight Loss Surgery

After massive weight loss, most people are left with some amount of loose, hanging skin. This can cause them to feel just as unattractive as they did before losing weight. Fortunately, it is possible to tighten skin all over the body with post-weight loss surgery (for those who underwent weight loss surgery, this procedure is known as “post-bariatric surgery”). The Juventus Clinic helps patients reach their final aesthetic goal by reducing the excess skin that massive weight loss left behind, with results that appear natural and highly attractive.

Buttock Enhancement

When the backside is flat or unshapely, it can affect the contour of the entire figure. Rather than enhancing the buttocks with implants, a more natural alternative is to transfer excess fat from other areas of the body to augment the buttocks. By using the patient’s own fat, we can naturally enhance the buttocks so that they are rounder, curvaceous and more feminine. There is virtually no scarring– and recovery is quick with minimal downtime.


Following childbirth, natural aging, or other medical issues, the genitalia may be affected to the point of requiring correction. Reducing the labia minora or labia majora can help a patient feel comfortable with her appearance and eliminate discomfort or pain that occurs while wearing certain clothing, engaging in physical activity or having intercourse. More details on this procedure can be discussed during an informative consultation.

No matter which facial procedure you are interested in, you can request a consultation to learn more. The Juventus Clinic staff will be glad to schedule this appointment.