Migraine Treatment & Surgery

A migraine headache is not “just a headache” – it is a real problem that can dramatically interfere with work, school, family and other important aspects of your life. There are medications available, but those are not effective remedies for everyone. Migraine medication can lead to unpleasant side effects such as fatigue, muscle weakness and tingling in the hands and feet or oftentimes just do not work. If you have tried other avenues for migraine treatment and are ready to find a long-term effective solution, The Juventus Clinic invites you to learn more about migraine treatment we offer in New York City.

The options available to you include:


Long before it was used in cosmetic applications, Botox was an effective medicinal remedy for a variety of conditions. Since 2010, it has been FDA approved for the treatment of migraine headaches. Botox is an effective migraine treatment because it relieves the pressure on tightening head and neck nerves, by isolating the nerves and relaxing the muscles around them. After precisely targeting which trigger points the migraines are originating from, our New York migraine doctor will inject the Botox to paralyze the offending muscles and deliver relief. Only 1-3 area injections are necessary and results can last on average for three months.

Migraine Surgery

Surgery for migraine headaches is similarly effective, as it also works by releasing the muscular pressure on irritated nerves. The advantage that migraine surgery holds over Botox is that its results may be considered permanent. If a patient finds that Botox migraine treatment is effective, then migraine surgery has a high likelihood of success as well. In approximately 90% of patients, migraine surgery dramatically reduces migraine frequency, intensity, and duration. In many patients, surgery offers complete elimination of migraines for life.
To discuss your options for migraine treatment in New York City, contact The Juventus Clinic today. We will be glad to schedule your informative consultation.