Chemical Peels

Sometimes, a moderate or deep medical peel is all that is needed to achieve your facial rejuvenation goals. Chemical peels work by resurfacing the face and encouraging dead skin to naturally slough off. This stimulate the production of new collagen production by the body resulting in a fresh youthful layer of skin. Other unwanted features, such as fine lines around the eyes or mouth are significantly improved. Chemical peels can also reduce the appearance of age spots, freckles, melasma and other imperfections. This makes a chemical peel at The Juventus Clinic an ideal treatment to obtain in preparation for an upcoming special occasion.

You can relax in a spa-like atmosphere while your medical facial treatment is administered by a board certified plastic surgeon to reveal fresh, beautiful results.

To discuss chemical peel, contact The Juventus Clinic today. We will be glad to speak with you and schedule your appointment.