About Dr. Hamawy

A true surgeon’s surgeon, Dr. Adam Hamawy served as a combat trauma surgeon in Iraq spent a decade serving with the U.S. Army. His experience with combat casualties led him to pursue plastic surgery where there was an intense need not only to save lives but to restore them to make back to normal. The best reconstruction was based on a meticulous attention to detail to achieve the most excellent and natural cosmetic results. And likewise his artistic eye was enhanced by his experience working with deep underlying anatomic structures to reconstruct them.

Trained with some of the foremost surgeons in the world at New York Presbyterian Hospital and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Dallas and shaped by these unique and varied experiences, he established The Juventus Clinic in New York City, dedicated to excellence in medicine and surgery in the pursuit of youth and beauty.

Mens sana in corpore sano…“a sound mind in a sound body.”
Juvenal 1st Century AD